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ahh holy fuckness. i have spawned this GLORY of masterful production. my brain has been frying..well, actually i just decided to turn my hairdrier on B in her sleep, that is why her limbs have been much too unproductive to move. oh well, they will grease up in time. for now, the burning prolongs! wait, i must go pour some more cowlardgrease all over B's face so her nostrils will open up again.

ahh! i am back. the mintiness of my lactose-intolerance is GONE! hooray for this freedomful product of evil mankind. i love worms. jesus christ is that not a cow?! fuck you! FFFFFFFUUUCK YOU! waffles. i'm ok it's just the temporary exit signs kicking me in my acid-induced brainface! brainface, you hear?! moo moo moo, i'm voodoo cursing you.

i must go destroy those pesky olsen twins now. goodbye.

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